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serve you right, a**hole

你好吗? 昨天我做半天而已,因为真的很累,心情很乱,很想哭,所以在一点多左右我就回家了。同室帮忙我 logout。回到家就整个下午睡到晚上八点多才起来,然后上网以下,煮东西吃。一直回想你在这个家的时候,有时候想起早上载你去上班,然后 punch in 就回来家睡觉。真的很怀念,想到就让我流泪了。那是后是最快乐的时刻,最幸福的。。。
其实我现在在房间,今天也没有去上班。在家里做工,因为眼睛+肿肿的,整个人好象生病了。心情和身体真的真的很弱,很 depress。想来这次真的是我人身最遗憾的一次,真的很对不起你。。。心情很重,真的是很苦,都哭。。。。

serve you right, a**hole


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LMAO of all time!

Yet Another 10 Fascinating Facts That Are Wrong Use these 10 facts (or are they officially factlets yet?) at your next party or office meeting and you'll be guarantied an argument. People will insist that you're wrong because, "Everyone knows…" Incidentally, I use number 2 when I teach logic to get students to discuss the nature of truth. 10The New Deal The error: Franklin Roosevelt's "New Deal" was not built upon the ideas on John Maynard Keynes. I put this one first since it is probably th … Read More

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I don’t know what is ignorance anymore…

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